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Our delicious donuts and donut holes are melt in your mouth, sensationally delicious!  We offer glazed, powdered, iced with sprinkles and more!

Warm, chocolate chunk brownies served

in a homemade white chocolate bowl

with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream

on top then drizzled with caramel.

Chocolaty, creamy filled truffles dipped

into a bath of white chocolate and

encased in yellow-colored white chocolate.

A melt in your mouth treat for sure.  We make

lots of different truffles - these were

just too cute not to post!

Who doesn't love peppermint bark!  This bark

is made with dark chocolate on the bottom and 

topped with white chocolate and peppermint.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Delights.  Melt in your mouth, creamy peanut buttery center, dipped in milk chocolate, then drizzled with an extra chocolate!

Delicious, made from scratch, moist,

red velvet cake with creamy homemade

icing then topped with shaved white


This is the perfect snack for any occasion

or simply for a fun family night!  It's our

Cheesy Ranch Munch Mix...perfectly pairs

with any of our sweet treats!

Is this what you think it is?  Actually, it's white chocolate, false

teeth.  These are perfect for that gag gift or party favor for 

birthdays, retirement, or any special occasion of your choice.

The great thing is that they are melt in your mouth delicious!

Fun, Fun, Fun!  

Jungle theme cupcake tree the kids are 

sure to absolutely love!

Double dipped, and drizzled, fresh chocolate strawberries!

For that special someone or special occasion, you'll be sure 

to impress not only their eyes, but their taste buds as well!

This was a very fun project!  Book worm cupcakes...made for a 3rd grade class who had written and published a book.  They had a special book signing day and the teacher wanted to treat them with something special.

Melt in your mouth, moist, pumpkin roll!

Who could resist this with a cold glass of 

milk or hot cup o' Joe!

Like Lil Debbie zebra cakes??  You'll love these

made from scratch!  Moist cake, cream filled, 

then dipped in white chocolate and drizzled on top.

Death by Chocolate, made from scratch, delicious

cake!  Yes, I believe I would love some!  This cake 

is so moist and irresistibly rich, a sure hit for that

chocolate lover in your life!

Made from scratch, warm, chocolaty, fudgie brownies...

right out of the oven, with a tall glass

of ice cold milk!  Yumm......

Everyone loves the buttery taste of these 

classic beauties!  Made to perfection and 

a sure hit with the kids, or even the kid

inside the adult!

My very own recipe that took me about a year to per-fect!  Afterall, I am my greatest critic!  You'd think the simple chocolate chip cookie recipe wouldn't be so challenging;

however, I could not stop until I got it right!  These are so delicious with milk chocolate chips in every bite.

Have you ever picked these up in the deli at your local market?  This is, of course, made from scratch.... the soft, delicious cake-cookie.  They're thick and soft, finished off with a creamy topping and sprinkles.... who doesn't love sprinkles!

The miniature version of my Death by Chocolate cake! 

For those who may not be able to handle the entire slice

of cake, the Death by Chocolate cupcake is a perfect alternative!

The Out with a Bang cupcake!  I had a lot of fun with these

delicious "pop in your mouth" cupcakes.  For any celebration occasion, these are a sure fire way to put some pop in your mouth! I made these for the 4th of July celebration.  They're covered in pop rocks with a spray of twizzlers coming out of the top.

Delicious strawberry shortcake!  Enough said.... I think the picture speaks for itself!

Another "perfected" recipe.  This one did not take as long to get there!  Lol.  These are the amazing macadamia nut cookies that are soft and melt in your mouth!

Gimme a break.... I mean a SLICE of this Kit Kat wrapped, m&m filled chocalaty, delicious cake!  The made from scratch cake is iced with chocolate icing then wrapped in the candies!  This one was a huge hit for the Kit Kat lover!

Once again, made from scratch.... delicious, moist, red-velvet cupcakes, topped with homemade cream cheese icing.  A definite have for the red-velvet cake lover!

White and milk chocolate, peanut butter grahams!  Great for any occasion!

You're sure to "taste the rainbow" with this delicious layered cake!  Each layer is carefully placed and iced with homemade butter cream icing then topped with m&m's and wrapped in Kit Kats!  The kids love my "surprise inside" cakes!

Cherry Yum-Yum anyone?  This is a homemade, rich, creamy pie that the cream cheese lover cannot resist!  A great hit for any occasion!